Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Going Cajun!

On Sunday afternoon, we packed our little family up and headed off to James Island Park. We've been there before but for Christmas Lights. They always have a spectacular event going on each month. We were lucky this time to take part in such a Cajun extravaganza so we skipped naps all together. Crazy I know!!!


...is what we went for. It's been 2 years last week since we've devoured some of these scrumptious critters. A little hefty on the pocket and change, but well worth the trouble. It's crazy how you miss something so simple. 

The Cajun Festival is really the first big thing we've done with the girls, besides trips to the aquarium and all. Skipping naps alone was a major step and I will be the first to say, my Little's made me so proud. 
They played and snacked and stuck right by our sides the entire time They even kept their sunglasses on for you Mamaw...aren't you so proud!

We had a blast...we danced ourselves away with to the Zydeco music. It was like old times in Louisiana for the hubby and I. The girls enjoyed the dancing just as much as we did.

Lots of food.

Lot's of people.

Lots of FUN!!!!

We realized on the ride home that not only will we go back next year, but that we need to do more of these sporadic type adventures. How about you? Anything crazy and spur of the moment this weekend?


  1. Looks fun! The girls are growing up fast! I miss things in LA also. Me and Chelsea will be in LA at the end of the month and crawfish are on our list. Take care!

  2. OH my gosh! Crawfish! I want some so bad!!! Looks like an awesome adventure - these are the things we LOVE to do, and yet, it seems we don't made time to do them enough!

  3. Alright, I must admit to you, that those creepy crawly things that you ate (you ate?!) don't look like they're made for eatin'. I know that I'm a desert chica and so I've never partaken of such things as like, now what was it again?, pastalaya and crawfish potatoes and tornado fries. I'm sure I'm missing out on something wonderful, right? You should come here and let me introduce you to some real, authentic Mexican food.

    Glad the girlies did well sans naps. Looks like a fantastic time! PS Still trying to find out what Zydeco music sounds like. I'll be "researching" that today on Google.


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