Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Sweet Addition

For the past week or so, my mind has been elsewhere. I've looked all over this house for it and have just now found it tucked up underneath my pillow. What a great place, huh? No, really, my days have been a tad bit distracted lately. Thus the reason I've been a little M.I.A. here. It's all in good reason. 

We went on a little trip on Monday to visit a new friend. It was a family adventure, as most things are with our family. You know what they say, 
"We're like birds' of a feather, we stick together!"  

This is the view while we waited to meet our new friend. The girls' keeping their Daddy entertained and well fed. He's such a good sport when it comes to his little ladies.

Really, he is.

Well, our friend came in and she was quite friendly and confirmed our thoughts and feelings of a sweet addition to our flock. I'd like to introduce to you ...

Baby #3. 

Yep, you heard me right. We're expecting a new Little sometime around early November. Just one! Ha! We were fearful of another set of twins but trusted that God would consider our abilities and surroundings and bless us with just one... and He did. 

Can you forgive me for being so absent minded the past week or so?  I've wanted to spill the beans sooner than this, but I thought I'd wait. We wanted to make sure I wasn't just sick..ya know. 
We're so excited for this sweet addition. It was unexpected and a total blessing from God. Now we're just praying that the hubby get's his little boy he's always wanted. 

Now, if you'll excuse me...I've got to go fill my belly because I'm starving!!!
Happy Day to you!!!


  1. O-kay, so I may have teared up a bit. It must be the pregnancy hormones :) So excited for your little family, as it expands by one more, with a precious little babe from God. Hope you are feeling well!!!

  2. SO THRILLED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! :D Praying for you!!

  3. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! God is so good. And ALL the time I might add. We (all my familia) are all so thrilled for your family and can't wait to "meet" this new little one.

  4. Congratulations! What a wonderful time for all of you!

  5. Ok, I'm so glad you posted this because I was dying to tell you congratulations!! (Mom spilled the beans to me yesterday, because your Nana and Bumpa were over here celebrating mom's birthday before they leave on their trip.)
    I'm so excited for you!! Crossing my fingers for a little brother to give those little girls a run for their money!! :D

  6. Okay I'm bawling now! A few days ago I was thinking of you and the thought crossed my mind... "I wonder if she's MIA & tired kuz there's another little one comin"! Oh what great news to hear. I hope that you have a text book perfect pregnancy & can't wait to follow your families upcoming adventures. CONGRATS!!!

  7. Yay!!! We are so excited for you!! We love you all! Congrats!

  8. First wow!! I didn't u blogged and congrats to u guys I can't wait to meet your new little Angel<3 miss you all! And great story!!

  9. First wow!! I didn't u blogged and congrats to u guys I can't wait to meet your new little Angel<3 miss you all! And great story!!

  10. First wow!! I didn't u blogged and congrats to u guys I can't wait to meet your new little Angel<3 miss you all! And great story!!

  11. HUGE congrats! I am a pretty new follower of your blog. We, too -- just added a new addition to our family. We were also (surprised) by the news and as much as I didn't know how it would all pan out (living far away from our family) ... we made it and welcomed baby girl #3 in early March. The first week was a roller coaster - mainly due to my hormonal changes, but since then it's been pretty awesome! The big girls (twins) have adjusted well and our sweet Ayla has been such an angel. I feel like it's somewhat of a "do over" as a mama. Parenting newborn twins was SO different. You will have more time with this little one -- to savor those sweet moments. It's been priceless. I was so afraid of the newborn experience again, but it's proved to be glorious. Hope you are feeling well so far! Take care.


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