Friday, April 20, 2012

What I see

With the weather so beautiful right now, we can't help but find a reason to be in the midst of it all as much as we can. It's an outlet for all of us. The girls run around and play and spark up ideas that flow out of those wild imaginations. Daddy and I, well we sit back and watch them until our presence is requested. Sometimes it is, others it's not. We're okay with that. 

Here's what I see...

A cilantro plant that is growing very crazy like. Not sure what to do with it???

Bubbles! Bubbles!!

Grown up chicks.

Chocolate mint making it's appearance again.

And the sweet basil right on track. I love plants that tend to themselves. 

"I got it! I got it!" while chasing bubbles.

A thought out garden this year. Simplicity and planning. 

It's working better for us this time. *smile*

Her new phrase..." Ewh! Bug."

Toys. Oh the toys!


Red beauty.




 It's Friday. We have plans to enjoy the nothing-ness that comes with weekends. At least for us. That's what happens when your family is miles away. We have no one to visit on the weekends, so our calendar remains empty. So nothing big or extravagant will take place and we're content with always. We'll throw in some quality time, some grilling or maybe some crabs, maybe a new pool, some sunshine and lot's of laughter and giggles to be shared between the 4 of us. That's our remedy. 

Happy Friday sweet friends. 
I hope you enjoy your weekend and come back Monday with a rejuvenated spirit. 


  1. My cilantro is growing like crazy too!!! But I haven't seen a hint of basil yet - maybe I need to try that one again, ha ha!! I like your chicks and can't wait to live somewhere we can have a couple of our own! Happy weekend!

  2. Enjoy your weekend, sweet lady! You work so hard that I'm glad you have a chance to just sit back, put your feet up and watch the little ladies play. Being busy is highly overrated... believe me, I know.

    The new camera is awesome! Love all the shots you're getting with it.


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