Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moments to Keep

I love these moments. 

Afternoons when we get lost in a world of color and spend hours (yes hours) talking about randomness and birds and planes and the bugs on our toes. They laugh when they nail me in the face with their brush and I'm left looking like rudolph. It is quite a funny thing...don't you agree? 

Like mother like daughter...huh?

Their sponges soak up their enthusiasm and partake in wild adventures through the pond and "simming pool". 

Others get a coat or two.... or three .... of paint and are reminded how pretty they are. 

Its nice, times like these, where the girls actually enjoy simple things such as painting with their moma. Where the distractions are no where and the happiness found in just being together...the three of us...is pure and sound.  

I could watch them forever if I could. Don't you adore that love that we have for our children. Its pure amazement at how exciting everything is...like getting paint on their Moma ...tada!! 

Each movement and decision made is so enthusiastic and creative and I love every minute of it. Obviously, it's not the painting that brings me to this astonishing notion but the overwhelming joy of simply being with them.

It may be like this for a few years on, but I'm fully aware that a day will unexpectedly come...out of the clear blue...and painting will no longer hold the same simplistic value. But for now, while I have them within arms reach and their hearts even closer. We will paint and paint and be silly and they will learn how colorful my love is for them. For each second I sit here with them and giggle over the messes we're making on the paper and each other, I'm creating wonderful bonds that will outstand all the distractions in years to come.

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  1. Awwww, so presh! And their hair is getting so long! My goodness.

    You're really working the Rudolph-nose-thing. It works for you. Hee, hee.


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