Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rain, Chocolate, and Owls

It's raining today. 
Quite steady in fact. 


We've had a busy morning so far with out any breaks. Back home for naps already and my feet propped up re-cooperating from it all. The days are starting to take a double track sort of pattern when it comes to time management. One moment it feels like it's slowly dragging by and the next it's 3 or 4 hours past and I'm falling into bed (well, more like slowly arranging myself into my assortment of support pillows). I'm wondering when it's all going to mesh together and make sense. Or does that come when the kids are gone? Or better yet, will it ever come? Oh golly.

Yesterday we started our day off with a fun activity that the girls' really loved. 

Shaving cream and food coloring. It apparently makes one of the best and cheapest activities I've ever known of. 


We've played with shaving cream all on it's own before, but never as a colorful material. However, note to self----next time buy the unscented shaving cream to keep from smelling like men all day. *sigh*

Today, I got the girls' busy in the kitchen with chocolate and sugar. The perfect ingredients for a pleasant afternoon. 

See...doesn't that just look pleasant?!?!
Where was I??

Oh! Yes. The the kitchen. They had fun. We had fun. The last time they made cookies with me was for the 2nd birthday. So...Janurary. Remember?


Weren't they so little?!?

Funny thing is, they did the same things. Hope was sneaking bites of cookie dough just like she did 8 months ago. No raw eggs this time so she was good to go. 

Savannah handled getting the cookie dough on the cookie sheet. She did so good too!! 


We baked it all up and enjoyed our little treats for a little snack. We may or may not have returned for seconds and thirds. *snicker*

Let's just say that they passed our quality control testing. 
Can't you tell?


And would you believe I heard a hoot in my mail box today. Yes oh yes! A sweet little owl blessed us today all the way from California.  A huge thank you to a Ms. Dawn!!!


I'm looking forward to my cup of tea...yes tea...tonight after the Littles are in bed. Combined with a few of those delicacies up top and I'll be set. Now if I can convince the hubby for an overdue foot rub. Is that going too far? Hmmm...we'll see.

Hope you have a good day! 


  1. Super cute mug! And I loved the comment about buying the non-scented shaving cream so you don't smell like men all day...hahahaha!!! What a fun activity though!!! And now, I am totally craving some cookies...good thing that a) we don't live down the street or I would come eat all your cookies and b) that I don't have all the ingredients or else I would make some of my own. Hope you get a chance to relax!

  2. As if it's possibly it looks like your littles are getting more gorgeous by the day! I LOVE the picture below of them watching for the bus. So cute! Thanks for the great idea with shaving cream. I'm always trying to find fun things to keep us busy. How did it clean up with the food coloring? I'm assuming it sprayed right off the cement?!?!

  3. Hey...Stopping by to let you know I nominated you for a award. Check it out and see if you wanna play along :)


    p.s Your girls are adorable!!


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