Saturday, September 1, 2012

Farewell August

Thank you August for things like...

kicking the soccer ball around friends' 2nd birthday party lots of painting and crafts arguing over bible stories going to the park every Wednesday eating cookies for breakfast talking to baby girl and getting the nursery ready

Fall is right around the corner. It's already filling the air with it's light and airy goodness. We may not get to experience the crispness like we did last year , to stair out into the fields of Pennsylvania or play in a true pile of fall leaves...

 but this year will bring it's own fall-like wonder. Like...

a bigger belly new crayons mashed potatoes and gravy mums on the porch apple cider sweet additions playing with friend learning our abc's swingsets pinecones galore and pumpkin muffins

We're looking forward to the change this year will bring. To the new season of life we'll be moving into as well as the real season itself. So we say, 

"Farewell to you sweet August and welcome oh fair September. We welcome you and all your fall-like glory!!"

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