Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Few Things

This week has been full of little moments. Lot's of snippets to keep and hold on to. I'm soaking it all up. The air cooled off and I am loving looking at a temperature of 49 this morning. So refreshing after a brutal summer. Good enough reason to snuggle up in some cozy socks I suppose. 

Last night we made a new version of Jambalaya in honor of this amazing weather. I followed another recipe a while back, but we weren't too impressed with it (apologies to Ms. Paula Dean), so we opted for an upgrade. Let's just say it was scrumptious!!!! Go try it. Now! You won't regret it...pinky promise.

I've been slowly but surely working on getting meals made for post-baby. I dug through my cookbooks, flipped through my recipe binder, and sorted through my Pinterest board. I came out with a smokin' list of things to make. My big order of chicken from Zaycon Foods came 3 weeks ago so I had a nice amount of chicken to play around with...try forty pounds of nice. Needless to say, our freezer is stocked.  
Bring on the baby!!

Speaking of recipe binder. Whew! Thanks to my cooking frenzy, I realized exactly how many recipes I had in mine that I hardly ever used. Which led me to think exactly how few times I really reach for it due to the previous realization. So, I figured it was time for yet, another re-do. She is now in total renovation mode. Hopes of returning soon. 

Miss Savannah had a tragedy this week. She now fully understands what HOT means and that the stove is quite capable of being that. We stood in the kitchen after 2 hours of crying, with her little hand under the cold water. She will let you know several times through out the day not to touch the stove. Lesson learned. 

My In-laws made a visit last week Short, but very sweet. The days were busy and full of fun. Afternoon ice cream treats for everyone. Lot's of rest for me of course. Then back to reality once they pulled out the drive to head home. Military life does have it's shortcomings and the whole "no family around" thing is the one I hate the most. 

My girls are silly right now. Goofy and hilariously silly. They are doing all they can to keep my mind off of my discomfort and impatience. We're keeping it simple for now with a lot of books and castle building. Coloring and easy crafts. Playing outside and walking for Moma. Fingers crossed we'll have a baby the next day or two. Wouldn't that be a blessing?!?


  1. Love all these little things! And I am just waiting, and praying, to hear about the wee babe making it's grand entrance :)

  2. Awww. . .sorry I haven't been on lately. . .looks like you guys are doing well. . . can't wait for the new little one!

  3. I've been thinking of you so much. My sis had her 3rd last night so it really made me think of you. Where is baby girl? I hope all is well and prayers your way girl!


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