Monday, November 19, 2012

Hills of Love

This was written back when the in-laws were in town and took my girls out for the day. Right after I waved so graciously for allowing me  a day to myself. Yes, they were only gone for a little while  and back safe and sound all in the same house as I within a few short hours, but now that baby Ellie is here in the midst of our doings, I thought it may be a great time to say just how much I love and appreciate my family.  All of them!!

 At this moment, my home is quiet. Very very quiet. I really do enjoy this aspect of our home because I am allowed a time to be in a calm state of mind and think about things otherwise left untended to. I value the quiet though. This type of quiet is very rare in our home I must say. Most days it only lasts an hour or two, but today it is uninterrupted. Because... I am totally alone. 
The rooms are filled only with the warm fragrance of fall. The girls beds are empty and will be until nightfall. The hubby is at work for another 4-5 hours. And I, I'm sitting here enjoying the peace of it all. Quite lovely and strange all in one.
There was a small tear that ran down my cheek as I watched my girls climb in to their car seats, headed out to the local aquarium, without their Moma. They didn't even look back until they were pulling out of the driveway. One last big wave and they were off to explore the adventure for the day as if this was all routine. And as I closed the door I was reminded that they're not so little little anymore. 
But, today, unlike others, I will shift my focus towards other things. Some sewing to be done, last minute preparations for the baby and feet to prop up and allow rest. 
My gratefulness to my family goes on like the river flows. They have given me a chance to gather myself again so that I can forge through the last few weeks of this pregnancy without feeling at a loss for energy and motivation. They have provided laughter to fill my heart and soul which will get me through those nights of endless sleep (let's pray more for the not than the so's).  The little feet that run laps around me and the man that holds  my hand through all things are just the tip of the support that I have right now. Hour long phone calls to a Moma that misses her daughter as much as she misses her Moma. Words of encouragement to help dry tears of doubt and a weary heart  Quick two minute calls to Daddy just to say I love you and hear it in return. It's everything  I'm grateful for in this season. Joy eggs are all around. Words to really express the gratitude I have are hard to think of because I am just that grateful. 
So in a house that is so full of uninterrupted quite...I find myself reminded and full of gratitude for what the Lord has blessed me with. A mountain of love through support of a loving family and I can't forget the warm snuggles from sweet little doggies that make me feel even more loved. 

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  1. I love all of your posts... So sweet !!! And somehow your words always calm me and remind me of all of my sweet blessings.


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