Friday, November 16, 2012

I want to Remember

I want to remember this view.
The soft wave of her newborn hair.

The slight redness of her tender skin.

I want to remember the way she smells.
Sweet and innocent.
The combination of baby lotion and milk.
All wrapped up... The sweet smell of my newborn.

I want to remember the way her sisters look at her with a thrill of excitement.
The sense of something new and different right at their fingertips.
Smiles as big as the moon at the mentioning of being a "big sister."

I want to remember my two little Moma's and their desire to help me out.
The way they follow my every move.
"I'll get this Moma!"
"Soft touches for baby, Moma."
"Moma, don't cry. It be ok."

I want to remember the look from this man.
A look of gratefulness and one that says "It will get easier."
That we'll get through these tired days together as a couple and family.

That he's willing to do whatever it takes to make me smile and feel at ease.
That he is and always will be here walking side by side.
The way that he makes me feel like I'm a good Moma even when I feel a lack there of.

I want to remember the moments of fatigue that seem to have no end.
Middle of the night feedings that prescribe a day of droopy eyes and zero motivation.
The back and forth of a soothing sway.
Five little newbie fingers wrapped so tight around my pinky.
I want to remember it all. For it ,in and of itself ,is my whole life right now and it will be gone before it's even missed.

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  1. It's so true. I feel you on this - it will be gone before it's even missed! Soak in every moment. Been thinking about you guys, hope everything is going well!


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