Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Morning Bang

The girls sat at the kitchen table this morning eating their breakfast and watching an early showing of Cinderella instead of their usual morning cartoons. Sometimes change is necessary. Anyhoo...While I was in the kitchen I heard a loud bang and when I turned to look what it was I saw Savannah laying on the floor crying and her chair on its side next to her. It was completely obvious what had happened. I asked her if she had been standing up in her chair and she nodded yes,still crying of course. Tears were dried, the chair was picked up and and she resumed the course of cereal mode.

About five minutes later while I was fixing the coffee I heard Hope ask Savannah:

H- "you happy?"
S- "I happy."
H- "you ok?"
S- "I ok."
H- "Moma says no stand. we need listen to Mommy. Say yes ma'am."
S- "don't husha me."

I was cracking up. I have an extra Moma in the house. Apparently they do hear me when I tell them what to and what not to do. Why doesn't it apply while they're in action? Riddle me this.

Woes of rearing children. 

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  1. Bwa haha!! I love this! Reminds me of my two - L is always bossing Z around, and I am constantly reminding her that I am the mama - but it does provide great giggles inside for me!!!


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