Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Her Room

There's something sweet and innocent about the preparation for a new addition. I didn't really get a chance to enjoy it with the girls since we were waiting to move to South Carolina. This time, I worked quite a while on Miss Ellie's room, small doses being all that I could do at a time. 

Now that she's finally here, everything fits together even better than I thought it would. That's including everything beyond her nursery door.

It's frilly and quaint. Just the way I had it in my mind. I love it so! Little touches here and there that make it so cozy and girly. 

And "sweet" for my sweet Ellie girl. A sweet blessing indeed. There are so many little touches in here that hold so much meaning. I love being able to sit in there while rocking her. 

And It's still so ironic to think that I now am a Moma to 3 beautiful girls. My life has forever changed. 

Here are the details if you'd like:
Curtains: made by me with vintage sheets and store bought curtains
Tree Mural: Etsy
White Wire Basket: Marshalls
Rose Trunk: Antique store
Crib: Walmart
Changing Table: Craigslist
Changing pad cover: made by me
Letter E decor: made by me
Mobile: made by me
Bedding: Craigslist
Rocking Chair: Craigslist
Rug: Made by Mike's Mom-mom
Nightstand: Amazon a long time ago
Lamp: Dorm room buy a few years back
Chicken Wire Board: Made by my friend Jamie
Owl Beanie Hate: Made by my Friend Kristi
"Sweet" burlap banner: CM Handmade
Hoop Mural: Fabric and Hoops off of Etsy
Mirror: Garage sale find
Little Turquoise Canvas: Pen and Paint
Baskets in Changing table: Aqua- World Market, Tan- BX back in the day


  1. This is so AMAZING!!! It makes sense that we're related. . .I see a lot of myself in all of your creations! So sweet, and I can totally see how you'd love to just sit and rock Ellie in a room like that. . .CONGRATS!!


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