Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ellie is cute and some other things

Oh this baby. She makes me smile. This is her favorite way to sleep. Arms up by her ears. Sometimes she'll even raise them for an AMEN!! Total cuteness!

It's been so cold at our house this week. Like really cold. But I'm from Florida so what do I know? *wink*  I'm so happy we even have winter-like weather in South Carolina. I'm so excited for New Years. Hopefully the weather is good so we can make our trip to the beach for our New Years walk.My heart is yearning for the waves and a walk on the sand. Something so calming about being there despite the temps. Ya know? 

I'm really wanting to attempt a little reno project. I know, I just had a baby and we have ZERO time on our hands to do this. I'll blame this idea on my lack of sleep. I'm trying to convince hubby that it's a grand thought that visions of warm white cabinets will make his heart happy happy...but it's still a work in process. Maybe with the new year. We will see.

Off I wander back to my little cozy abode to play dress up and princes

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