Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We started a new tradition this year. The girls are all about kitchen time with Moma and with the holidays so infused with baking and homemade goods, I couldn't come up with a better idea than getting their hands dirty or at least covered in flour and chocolate. 

So we pressed forward with

PLAN OF ACTION: Chocolate covered pretzels and Soft Pretzels
LOCATION: A kitchen almost too small for 2+ beings
INGREDIENTS: Pretzels, Flour, ... lot's of giggles and enough chocolate to smear from ear to ear

Take a gander at how the mission went down... 

Can it get any cuter???

Our soft pretzels turned out pretty good despite the 1/4 cup of flour that got dumped on the floor.

 Live and learn I say. 

All cleaned up and enjoying the goodies. By far my favorite picture of the whole mission. 

I believe that OPERATION PRETZEL will definitely go on record for a grand tradition in our home. It was so much fun just to sit back and watch these two get their hands all a mess. They were so proud of their pretzels and they actually turned out quite perfect. 

Today we'll be running all over the house enjoying new toys and catching up on the energy spent in yesterday's excitement. Here's the recipe I use for soft pretzels if you'd like. Extremely easy and super yummy. They are the berries that's for sure! 

What Christmas traditions do you have in your house?

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  1. Loved those chocolatey faces all smiley and happy...and loving their cooking adventure with their Momma!

    Thanks for the pretzel recipe!

    Happy New Year!
    May you be greatly blessed in 2013

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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