Monday, December 17, 2012

Sweet Morning

Good Morning! I'm busy with a few chores in hopes to have my living room resemble something clean-like. I glanced over at Ellie in her swing. She's smiling in her sleep and I want to eat up all her cuteness. The twins are playing house and tending to their own babies. I'm feeling better than I did the other day and feel so lucky to be their Moma. What a wonderful blessings I have. 

Keeping it short today. I'm going to go play house with my girls now. Crazy thought, I know. :) Maybe later we'll manage a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air. I'm excited. How's your Monday so far?

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  1. Oh the ups (and sometimes downs) of adjusting to having the 'new' one in the crowd. I went through many fluctuations! Those hormones are something else! Glad today is a GOOD day!! And I hope you got that fresh air, too!


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