Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3 Things


I'm not very good at juggling things. Anxiety overcomes my thinker and I get flustered and all in a mess. I don't get up with the sun much to everyone's dismay and most days my littles are my alarm clock. Cereal and Milk anyone???? Or just milk.? 

 If you were to look at my to do list right now, you would notice it's level of impossibility. There are seriously not enough hours in the day for me to be able to accomplish even half of what I put on my list. And you know what? It's looms over my head when I finally crash into bed at night (or morning sometimes) . I'm learning, better late than never, that it's all about priorities and seeing what's more important than not. And maybe just maybe I shouldn't think  write so much. 
So, lately I've been learning to keep my to do list short because it's eventually going to be filled in with other things all on it's own even if it never made it out in written fashion  So you see, my goal is to accept this and apply it in real life. Accept the fact that all things cannot and probably will not be done so it's only sensible to narrow things down to something more achievable. Eh? 

Instead of a list front and back, I'll choose just three things to work on through out the day. Necessary or demanding...just three. One task or chore or job for each daughter. Call it my new years resolution or just a different perspective all together. 

It's already in the works and let me tell you...it's fantastic!

Today my three things are:
1. MOPs meet up
2. Getting one load of laundry IN the washer.
3. Sweep the floors...all of them. 

How about you? What are your three things today? Or do you have more on your list?


  1. This is really a great idea. I have the very long two- (or three-) sided list that has things on it that never get done. And I find the stuff that I focus on is probably not the most important to get done. I love the idea of just picking 3 things.

  2. Such a good resolution for this year!


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