Monday, January 7, 2013


Crazy huh? Already? 
Oh how we love her. Like a whole whole lot!!!

She really likes when her sisters are around. Them...they have their moments as you can clearly see that this is one of them.
Let's just say 
"Not in the mood to hold her right now."

She laughs. A LOT! You saw that here
She coos. 
She makes googly eyes at anyone whose looking.
She's following me around like crazy too (her eyes that is). Makes me melt. *smile*

She sleeps really well.
Wakes up to feed only twice and goes right back to sleep.
She loves to spit up on her Daddy. 
Wardrobe changes are quite frequent for those two. But only him for some odd reason. Must be a Daddy/Daughter thing. I don't know why, it really makes me laugh!!!

She really loves her swing and will fall asleep within minutes of being in it. It plays cricket sounds and who doesn't fall asleep to the majestic sound of crickets. Yaawwwwwwwn.

She's getting big quick. She's already pushing into those 3 month clothes. Good thing we didn't buy a whole lot. Which was hard since I'm used to buying for two of the same size.
And just so I don't make it seem as if this cutie is happy-go-lucky all of the time. Here's a prime example of said Miss Priss fussy fussy because her diaper is just a tid-bit wet. A tid I say. A tid!

I know. I'm horrible. But I find her little bitty of a cry to be completely adorable. click goes the camera so I don't forget how precious she is when she's mad. 


  1. Oh man! That is not a good post for a gal craving a newborn. She is absolutely precious as ever!!!

  2. How can she be 2 months already?! She is just precious! I know y'all are enjoying her so much!

  3. Oh my stars she is precious. Two months gone too soon! She looks like the most loveable little lady. Eat her up!


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