Friday, January 4, 2013

Coffee Date

If we were having coffee, you might here me ramble on about...

How cool I think it is that I was able to catch the steam rising from my coffee cup. Nifty I say. And that maybe it's time I save up for a more spiffy looking cup to drink one of my most favorite of all drinks in. I'm just saying. 


That it's cold here today. Weather man says the high is only going to be of 62 or so. Chill chill chill!! Bring on more coffee. My house, at this very moment, smells like warm bread. I believe it is better than all the holiday candles I've already bought this wintery season.  It's a cheaper aroma too and is all the more filling. Tasty too! Don't you just love all my reasonings? Can't beat cost effective solutions that taste quite delicious.


And  that I made it to the gym this morning. Second day in a row. She kicked my butt...again. The treadmill that is. Don't get too happy happy. I was moving at a slow pace of 3.8 mph and 1.5 incline for 30 minutes. I feel the need to start somewhere after 9 months of being pregnant and the treadmill is where this"where" will begin. The journey to feeling good has officially started (and this is not a new years resolution because I'm bound and determined not to fail at it)


And that if you head over here to my sweet friend Hannah's place, other wise known as ... might just see my blog button on the side bar. I know!! So cool huh?!? I'm very very grateful to have a chance to put my slice of blogger out there for new readers. And for your delight. Head over to Hannah's shop. She's got some fine and dandy pieces of jewelry she's adding to her collection this month. I'm quite fancying this little piece of heaven myself...

necklace arrow with sweet green and beige czech glass 18"

With a birthday coming up, who knows what might end up in my mailbox. That's a wink wink to the hubby. *smile*


And...just to make you smile and maybe even chuckle a bit or two. Look at this cutie!!!
She's laughing and cooing these days which makes me laugh and cry all in one. 

She will literally talk your ear off. No joke. We thought her sisters were busy...phew! We've got another thing coming. She's ready to jump into the action already. 


And that maybe I use the word and to much. Something I guess I should work on *sigh*


It was so nice sitting and chatting over coffee with you today. I can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time I'll be sporting a Ninja Turtles cup or something. Don't be surprised if I do mmm-k? 

Ta-ta for now!!!

I was going to attempt to vlog with you instead, but I save you from the hideous sight of bed hair, slouchy basic training sweats and a shoulder covered in spit up and drool. Don't worry. You don't have to thank me. I feel your appreciation. *SMILE*


  1. Great job getting back to it! Having a baby is hard on the body, small steps equal big change. Stopping by from coffee date!

  2. Loved the coffee date. Cute idea!! And...Ms. Ellie is SO DARN CUTE. That smile I tell ya! Ayla just started shaking her head back and forth (like the sign for NO). I really can not believe it. 10 MONTHS tomorrow. Tear.

  3. Love it! I didn't vlog today either...

    P.S. Your Little is adorable!

  4. I love your "voice"! That cutie patootie definitely made me chuckle :) I'm going to be your newest follower. Here's my coffee date:


  5. Oh, how I wish we really could have that coffee date together. We could swap recipes and stories and hug on all of those sweet girls of yours, but especially Miss Ellie.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I had to track you down through your profile because you came up as a . for your name, and you are a no-reply blogger!! So I couldn't shoot you an e-mail back to say hi! But I'm glad I did- this is a great post, and I happen to like your cup! I would love it to be 62 here, but I totally understand about the bed head and the sweats. No vlog for me either. I hope you'll stop back by!

  7. Hello! I'm swinging on by from Coffee Date! I will have to check out your friend shop!


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