Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grasping December

December was great! We had a lot of time to spend together and relax as a family. Nice for a change. The month was full of one on one moments with my three girls and full of learning experiences. I'm sure January will be even more fruitful. 

December kick off! 

Snuggle time with my silly girls

An early early Christmas present while warm weather lasts.

Can you beleive this rose bush is STILL blooming in December? It's loaded!!

Playing outside with Miss Ellie and the BIG sisters.

"Look Moma! I builded a castle!!" 

What our house looks like after the kids are asleep. 
Dark and quiet!

Snack time...on my bed. Crumbs to found later perhaps....YES!

Silly poses for the camera.

Playing with my camera settings. I'm bound and determined to learn it one day. 

Getting some stretches in before supper. I love her lanky legs. 

Let's just say this thing had to come out of the freezer a lot earlier than expected...milk storage was priority. 

Wrap me up in your love sweet baby of mine!

Puzzles by the fire. Nice and warm. 

Nightly bottle duty.

They think this is their toy too. They sure do love their sister. 

Helping Daddy out on the truck. Future mechanic??

Sleeping the day away. 

What have you gotten in to? 

She's ready for Christmas. The perfect little reindeer if you ask me. 

Night time glows. 


And more pretzels for the neighbor. 

Warm sunshine on a chilly chilly day. Christmas here we come!!!

Tear open those presents girls. Remember, practice makes perfect. (hence the doctor kits *wink*)

Worn out from all the festivities. 

Alka Seltzer anyone? It's my turn for the sinus junk. 

Our morning routine back in action. 

Nap time in her own bed. Big girl. *tear*

Getting the house back together after such a great Christmas holiday. It's nice to be back to normal.

Ending 2012 with a healthified bang...baked homemade fries and buffalo wings. Yum-my!!!! 

Happy New Year! 

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