Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ten Things Sunday

The husband had to go into work yesterday  Not fun, but no sense in crying over something that's part of the job. Military has no set schedule even if they swear by it. Jets come in and go out. It's his job to keep them going. Anyways... This week was full of happy and frustration. There's still a lot of huffing and puffing going on but I see a shimmer of hope. We got outside a lot more this week and soaked up as much sun as we could. 

I enjoyed some much needed time in my kitchen this week. It's amazing how it fits itself in there when you don't even try. Make sense? God is good!

The girls played in the tree stand and kept a look out for those crazy neighborhood deer.
They seem to look very similar to the dogs. *smile*

My ten things for this week...

1. Making it to a Chisel class on Wednesday. Felt so good to work out.
2. It was my Moma's birthday on Thursday. The girls sang to her. 
3. I got all the laundry done before the weekend started.
4. The hubby let me sleep in til 7:30 yesterday. 
5. The girls were in good moods all day. BIG HAPPY!!!!
6. I lost 2 more pounds...yippee!!!
7. We found a new place to pick up some treats on a rainy day. Charleston Bakery is so yummy!!
8. Tax return was deposited already. Thank you Lord.
9. Mentions of future plans are being recorded. What the Lord has in store for us, only He knows.
10. All of my babies are napping. At. The. Same. Time. *CHEESY GRIN!!!*

Tomorrow is Monday.
I've got my menu planned. Chores and to-dos written out for me to remember. And activities thought of for the rainy day forecast  Now whether or not any of that is followed is another story. Good intentions, I suppose, make all the difference. 
See you tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you for your positive outlook! And how wonderful that the kids are all napping at the same time! My son stopped napping at 2 (and thankfully, because he was starting to not sleep at night) so I don't get the double nap. I have to substitute a short video when the baby naps so I get a little "alone" time. Have a wonderful rest of Sunday!


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