Monday, March 4, 2013

In the Hospital

We made an unexpected trip yesterday. One that meant bringing those things that bring comfort and familiarity. Miss Savannah was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon with bilateral pneumonia.  With a fever of 103.8, I knew not to mess around with the "break the fever" game any longer. 

She's been such a trooper too. We prayed on our way to the hospital in between her hallucinations.  This was her prayer, "dear God,  I don't feel good. Please make me feel better. I love you this much dear God.  Amen."
Sweet prayers. I bet those are His favorite.  *smile*
We're hoping to be released sometime this evening. I'll be back with updates once  we get home and settled. 


  1. Poor girl! So sorry - being in the hospital is never fun, for little ones or mamas, even though they help us get better! Praying for you guys!

  2. Oh, NO!! Precious girl, we are praying for you and your Momma and Daddy and your sisters! Lots of hugs and kisses coming to you from Arizona.

  3. Poor sweet girl! I'm prayin for a speedy recovery... for everyones sake. XOXO!


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