Friday, April 19, 2013

A Good Crazy

Hi there! 
How are you today? 

This week has been a crazy one. A good crazy though. The Mr. Has been with us all week and the pace of the house has been slightly altered due to his presence; in conjunction with potty training. He had a little surgery on Monday, so he's been recovering from that. We are all finally feeling supercalafragalistic and I'm feeling superb about that. It feels lovely to stay tucked away in our own little world instead of treading the waters at the doctors office.

The sunshine has made her presence and we greet her each morning as we creek open the blinds and feel her warmth on our skin. I'm soaking up her gentleness for I know the brutality that comes with her summer heat. EmbraceThat's what I remind myself. Which in all actuality is what I've been reminding myself more and more lately  So much you'd think that it was my word for the year. Anyhoo... 

I went to see my new therapist yesterday evening. It was a very interesting introduction. I had one of those, I feel as if we've met type moments. *Smile* Ok, so I didn't go see a therapist. But, I somehow managed to get a good 45 minutes all to myself yesterday to piddle in the garden. When the Mr told me to go outside and plant some flowers, he looked quite shocked when I obliged.  I snatched up my iPod and literally ran out the door. I cranked up my new downloads and got busy.

 I cant believe just how much I forgot that I truly enjoy getting my hands dirty and creating something out of nothing. I announced that more flowers were necessary because I needed more moments like this. It felt so good to completely let go and unwind outside. I found my new outlet. Now to find some room in the budget to keep going, this Moma has a big backyard to spruce up and some more stress to let go of.

My girls have had an awesome week. Potty training. Total success!  I'm in total awe of my little ladies,. We even tackled the scary public bathroom at home depot this week. I mean, 10 days into this new thing and my girls are rocking it out. I am beaming with pride. And that my friends and family is a total understatement. It has made me wonder, what was I so scared of? 

Ellie now sleeps in her room all the time. She has turned into a full time belly sleeper. Takes after her Moma on that one thank you. I've given her some bananas and avocado to introduce her to some solids.  She's not too crazy about bananas and makes a silly face like she's eating a lemon or something sour. She is  napping 3 times a day and sleeps  about8-10 hours a night. 

She's just now getting her chunk on. We're taking her this weekend to get her ears pierced--hopefully. She's  trying so hard to move around. Keeping up with sisters is going to be what motivates her to crawl soon. Shes getting so big! *tear*

I've got some crazy ideas swarming around in this head of mine. some which involve some of this...

I'm excited and hopefully I can share soon. So that's pretty much it. I'm going to go enjoy my coffee now. I hear Ellie stirring from her nap. Happy Friday!!!


  1. CONGRATS on the PT!!!!! WHooooo hooo!! After the initial week or two it's such a new found freedom!! You look GREAT in this pic. Happy! :):)

  2. Congratulations on Potty Training! If you're ever in need of blog post inspiration I would LOVE to hear your step by step potty training twins method. I'm SCARED. Especially about public bathrooms - oh.the.germs. Happy weekend to you all!

    1. I will definitely do so. I know its a daunting me!

  3. Oh the wonder of feeling dirt under your fingernails (can't stand gloves). . .I could just feel the calmness of spirit when you talked about planting flowers. . .and if you need me to, I'll drive myself on up to S.C. with some cuttings and divides from my own yard! :)

  4. Wow great job on the potty training. I think we need details on how you mastered this :)


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