Monday, April 15, 2013

I sat last night after everyone was asleep. The girls tucked into their big beds. The Mr.  passed out from a busy day. Ellie softly breathing in my arms with a full belly. There I was sitting in my rocker. The rain started softly and got heavier withing minutes. The only way that moment would be any better was if there was a tin roof to play its melody. Usually I'm in such a rush to get to bed in attempt to snag as much sleep as possible. For some reason though, I was perfectly content in the moment I was in. 

The entire house was quiet. Tucked away. Nothing calling out for tending. All toys and gestures aside. No requests or demands. Just simple quiet. I don't get moments like that too often. Maybe I'll start staying awake like this more often. It was good for my heart.

Hello Monday. You have snuck in so softly after a very nice weekend. 

Hello snuggles. You're becoming more and more frequent these days. 

Hello new treats. You are very tasty indeed.

Hello ME time. Thankful for extended naps and worn out ladies. All allowing me to enjoy some art time on my own.

Hello creative spirits. Your cousin would be so proud. 

Hello sweet basil. I'm having dreams of you alrady.

Ah...hello sweet girl. You're filling out more and more. 

Hello little reminder. I think you're quite fitting.

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This week I'm working on slow. Step by step. One at a time. Breath in, breath out. Look up and believe. Leap of faith. It makes a big difference in the everyday. So, hello Monday. Hello friends. Hello new week.

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  1. Beautiful, sista chick! What a lovely way to start off your week. I can't wait to see your sign all finished!

  2. I'M SO PROUD. . .littles with paint and paintbrushes is the BEST!!!. . .especially when it's washable. . .lol. . .
    Gotta tell you, I'm feeling you on the quiet moments! Mom and I had a bit of forced free time today and we spent it at the downtown library. . .so nice to take a moment to breathe in the smell of books and to enjoy the quiet.
    Love you guys! :)

  3. A lovely start to the week! Stopping by from hello monday :)

  4. Sounds like a great start to your week :) love all of your pictures.


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