Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hair Cuts

About two weeks ago, I took the girls for their first haircut. I meant to post about it sooner, but we've been so sick. Yes, this was really their first hair cut. I've trimmed their bangs when they were tiny, but this is the first cut they've had. Their hair was beautiful. Long and blonde. Straight and soft. So pretty. I really hated cutting it but when you have two heads of tangles to comb through every single morning, after every bath, after every cup of get where I'm going with this. A hair cut was a must in my case. 

I took them to a little place called Carnival Cuts in the histroic district of Summerville. A kid salon that was adorable and perfect for my girls. There were animals everywhere and Snow White was playing. 
The girls did so well. 


Hope wasn't too thrilled about the ordeal. After all, she did have Rapunzel hair. *smile* I told her that no matter how long or short her hair was that she was still a princess of the King. That didn't help too much, but she did sit there like a good girl. She asked me after, "Moma, I'm still pretty?" What do you say to that besides 
always and forever!

While the girls were being pampered, Ellie sat on the sidelines trying to convince me to let her get extensions. It didn't work but her cooing and goo goo eyes were almost convincing. 

I didn't get an after picture right away, but the girls begged for one the next day. A treat for them while walking through Target. An Icee will make anyone happy happy. Am I right?!?!

I miss their long locks. It was seriously almost down to their bottoms. But man, hair management in our house has improved greatly! I think they look pretty cute with their new length, but I am the Moma after all  I guess it's OK to be a tad bias. 


  1. Just adorable! I'm an old hairdresser biased to lil cuties sitting so big under capes though. So darn sweet! And Ellie, well she's not so bad either. You're a very lucky gal!

  2. Love the new dooos they look fab :)


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