Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Days

Our week didn't start off so cheery. That I will admit

We started potty training and everyone knows the amount of gray in that picture. Not much sunshine to be found. We've had many accidents but let's not get me started on how frustrating that is. I'm staying positive that this is it. No more diapers! I keep telling myself...GOD has this under control. Honestly, I've lost count on the number of times I've had to remind myself of this and how many times I've handed out treats and coins. 
We've distracted ourselves with other things. Focusing on the other helps. So, we dance around the kitchen and out to the living room. Doing a little jump and jive at our best. Flaring our arms around like crazies and letting our silly shine through. Daddy's over on the computer doing his homework...a music class assignment on Max Roach. Quite the musician I say. The girls really get into the steady beats and like to mimic my every move whether it's worthy of or not. (mine are mostly not). 

It's fun to let lose and be completely silly. The girls are great at letting go. Ellie is picking up on it and her eyes tell exactly how much she yearns to pick up her feet and jazz out with us. All too soon, I'm sure. *sigh* For now she flaps her arms like a bird and kicks her feet. She's got rhythm, "who could ask for anything more..."

Life's serious moments can can be just that at times. All too serious if you ask me. ~~~Potty Break~~~~ So, anyhoo,  I'm thankful for this silly dance we do. That I have girls that like to make the air lighter and fill our home with jazzy sparkle and flair. Sunshine always seems to find it's way in. 

You know how I know...this is day four of potty training and we're having solid performances.*smirk* I tell my pretties that they're rock stars and myself that maybe I'm not so bad at this Moma thing after all. It's been a long road and there are a lot more bumps to ride out and bridges to cross. This is just the beginning. Springy toes for Happy Days.


I love hearing from friends. Tell me what you think..God bless!

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14