Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mother's Day Getaway

A little overdue, but all in good time.
Mothers day weekend, the Mr surprised me with a little getaway.
I recall a few mentions of "lets do a little me and you time" soon but we never really set anything in stone.
Mountains, an island retreat, snow peaks, riverbanks...they were all thought of and quite lovely on the mind.

He booked a sweet little Inn on the harbor side of Folly Beach in Charleston. Close enough and far enough from home at the same time. His Mom drove down to stay with the girls and we drove off early morning to catch up on time that we've been meaning and needing get back. It was amazing. The scenery was breath taking. All in all...it was perfect.

We grabbed some lunch at Taco Boy. Let me tell you, if you e-VER visit Folly Beach....you MUST eat there. Trust me! Anyhoo...He ordered a swordfish taco and a tempura shrimp taco while I went with a grilled mahi mahi taco and a carne asada. Talk about yummy!!I {heart} eating food when its local.

 After lunch we headed out to the beach. The water was too cold but the sun was perfectly warm. We sat on our beach towels and enjoyed the salty air and sounds of the waves. A relaxing sound that I almost forgot.

After an afternoon of lounging and being beach zombies, we walked back up to cool off at a little brewery that offered some local ales and IPA's for the Mr to try. A little like wine tasting but with beer. It was fun sitting outside on the patio.

The air cooled off just in time for an evening stroll to the shops and local attractions. After leaving the beach, we got cleaned up and grabbed some supper at Ritas for some OH MY GOODNESS delicious burgers. 
Mine was a Backyard burger---Burger with bacon, egg, and cheese served on a toasted English muffin! MMMmm!!! His was a Chili Burger---Burger with chili, cheese on a kaiser roll. He loved it!

With full bellies, we decided to take a walk down some of the side roads to get a glimpse of the island homes. We found this little church tucked so perfectly back in the trees. It's character was precious! It looks like one you'd see on a movie. 

It was so nice to get away.
The time was short, but we had a good time.
We relaxed. We laughed. We chowed down. We slept in. We simply were. 

The Mr mentioned to me, "I feel like we're dating again."
 This little getaway made is clear how much we need to make this happen more often. Maybe not the extreme of an overnight stay at an Inn, but a date every month or so at least. We see how important it is and how refreshing it is for our marriage. 

On our way home the next morning, we stopped and refueled our truck and our bellies with some much needed Dunkin' Donuts coffee and blueberry munchkins. Fuel for a Moma's soul. True statement!!!

We're very grateful for his Mom. For coming down and staying with our girls so that we could regain some peace of mind and spark. We hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourself as much as we did. 


  1. I'm so glad you got away. It really is important to keep the sparks with our Mr.'s. Hope all else is well!

  2. What a nice time away for you!(Dunkin donuts is my all time favorite, hands down!!)

  3. Aw! So glad you guys got to get away! It IS so refreshing, isn't it?! I KNOW that, but it isn't usually until we actually set aside the time and DO it, that I remember it's SO good, you know?! I am holding out until my stubborn youngest is weaned (because of course she refuses a bottle and only wants mama), so that we can get away for a night or two!!!


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