Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Nest

I don't get a lot of time to my self these days. Beteen the time with my girls and time with the Mr. time for "me" is hard to find. When it does happen, I try to make the most of it and usually end up making something crafty.

A few weeks ago, I snagged some time to myself and creating something very satisfying.  Thanks to all 3 napping at the same time. **Cue angels singing** I'm all for making our home feel more homey. But I don't want it to feel cluttered or tacky. Less is more when you have children. Amen?!
So a while back, like a while while back, I painted this piece of scrap wood. Edged it out in some green paint with full intentions of painting something clever on it. 

Well fast forward almost 2 years later and I'm finally getting around to thinking of that clever something . I think it suites our little family just perfect. I have several inspirations that I worked off and came up with a look that I loved. Two words...OUR NEST

I found a font I liked then drew it out with my pencil onto the board. 

Then I just painted over the lines and filled in the letters with some black paint. Pretty simple.

Tossed it up there on the mantel for the time being and called it a Happy Day! I thought afterwards that maybe I'll sand it down in some spots. But I like the crisp edges right now. I'm sure she'll get moved soon, maybe somewhere with my little bird trio. Who knows.

What do you think?


  1. Cute! I love it! Glad you found some time for yourself - I laughed out loud at "cue angels singing" - totally hear you on that one! I love LOVE love the days when the nap schedules coincide - it's happening more and more now, and I am one happy mama because of it!


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