Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ellie at Eight

 She's rolling right along blowing our minds with the speed she's gaining. Before I know it she'll be zooming down the halls just like her sisters. 

She's my firecracker. She explodes with energy the second her eyes open each morning. 

She's my cuddler. She will snuggle as close as our skin will allow.

She's my eater. She eats like a champ. Open wide and insert that spoon as fast as you can. A cottage cheese /Yogurt combo  and sweet potatoes/avocado are her favorites right now. 

She is my go get 'er. She tries her hardest to get what she sets those baby blues on. She may not be crawling perfectly yet, but she rolls her way as close as she can. 

She is my singer. She likes to serenade me, mimicking any sounds she hears...whether it's me, her sisters, the name it, she repeats it. 

She is my smiler.  She will smile at you before you even have a chance to start talking.  Its addicting.  Talk about a pick-me-up. 

 She's a pistol I'll tell ya and she's already 8 months! We sure love her and can't think of any other way to tie up the lose ends to our little family. 

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