Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9 Tuesday Motivation: Breaking it Down

I think in all aspects of life, it's important to set goals. With anything really...
In cleaning---I want to use one new natural method.
In cooking---I want to learn one "from scratch" recipe this week.
In family---Let's try to spend more one on one time together. 
In faith---I want to read more of my bible this week. 

Planning out snacks for the week for both the girls and myself is helping me stay on track.

Last week I mentioned my July goals. They are my big picture right now. They are what keeps me motivated and focused for this month. However its just as important to set little goals as well. Setting a goal for yourself doesn't have to be an in depth mind game. It can be simple and sweet. This used to be a big problem for me. I would try to climb this huge mountain all in a days work and end up beating myself up when it didn't happen for me. 

I took a look at my big goals and thought about how I could work towards them each week. What I ended up with was a weekly set of goals that would in the long run help me come out on top.

Here's what I'm talking about.

July goals :
1. Push past that comfort zone
2. Concentrate on things I can control
3. Listen to my Body
4. Show grace to my girls

Breaking it down for this weeks goals:

1.Push past that comfort zone
---Do a different type of cardio this week. Like hiking in the mountains.
2. Concentrate on things I can control
---Plan ahead for meals and snacks this week. Portion out some fruit for the trip.
3. Listen to my Body
---Drink more water when the hunger strike occurs instead of snacking...you are thirsty!
4. Show grace to my girls
---Roll with their silly and quirkiness. Soak up the moment instead of picking out the negative.

So I write them down for myself to see. In the kitchen, the bathroom, above Ellie's changing table. I keep them visible for myself through out the day so that I can remember that it's the small steps that allow me to take that leap to the BIGGER ones. 
Are you making goals for yourself? Are you working towards them or allowing them to beat you up? I'd love to hear your goals for the week. Please share. 

Thanks to Kaylee for sharing her goals last week with me:
My goals for July: work on my patience/grace with the kids, workout 6 days/week, put healthy food in my body (with one moderate splurge day), and spend time in the Word each day, even if it's for 5 minutes. 
I'd love to hear from you too!!
Happy Tuesday! 

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