Friday, July 19, 2013

Florida Snippets

So I've been in Florida this week. 
Made a pretty good trip with my Moma and my three hooligans in tow. 
It was pretty fun. Oh!  

And the coffee was good too! !

Isn't that something that makes priority on your packing list? 
Bags - check
Kids - check
Moma - check
Dunkin' Donuts coffee - checkitty check check

It makes for a happy trip and a little extra pep in my step. Not so sure if thats good for my pedal weight or not. 
We made it and we're having a blast. Its always good to be home. 

We've been doing our thing, but Florida style. Not much difference in weather but the grass sure is fluffier. Sink your feet in sort of comfy. Now if I can get this Florida sun to work its magic on these ghostly legs of mine. Maybe I should've edited this picture to black and white instead. Oh well.
Please keep all comments on a shush. *wink* 

You know whats awesome about being home?  
The things we can do because we're here and not somewhere else.  Pretty simple answer huh? 

Like toddler driving. 

Homemade spaghetti sauce like days of old.

New baby jabber over some breakfast. 

Spending time with Pa 

Having the bigger pets within arms reach.  

Growing the most amazing 

I did forget to pack my camera cord, so all these pictures are brought to you via my cell phone. Not bad, but I have a whole lotta more to share. So if you're patient, I'll share those when we cross over that South Carolina line. 

Until then, 

I'm off to sip on some more of my "Happy Coffee" as my Hope calls it. 

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  1. Aww. . .I wish I could've seen you guys while you were down. . .oh well, next time!


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