Monday, July 8, 2013

Mountain Vacation

We ventured away from the house this past week to celebrate the 4th with my Aunt and Uncle up in Asheville.  We love that they're only 5 hours away, it gives us no excuse to go visit. It's not a short trip but short enough to get up there. 
We passed a Hobby Lobby on the way up there too. Took everything I had to keep from begging for a quick browse. I stayed focused on the trip though. *sigh*

It rained a bit while we were there, but that didn't keep us from really enjoying the company we shared and the fun we had. The girls got to visit with cousins for the first time and play their hearts out. 

 On Wednesday, the clubhouse threw a big shindig on the runway and hundreds of people showed up to celebrate the day away. There were games for kids, bouncy castles, face painting, cotton candy, popcorn, and the food. It was delicious! They even had a healthy line. Can you believe it!! I left my phone at home, otherwise you'd have some amazing foodie pictures. 

The rest of the week and weekend was beautiful! The view was continuously taking my breathe away. I felt God's presence more than ever. 

Saturday, the skies were clear and blue so we got out and went for a little hike around the mountain. Then went up top for a picnic and play. Here's a few pictures for you *smile*


 We had a blast! We enjoyed God's glory and all of His splendor. However, it's good to be home because more fun is in store for our summer.   


  1. I am loving the pictures! You guys look great! And it is BEAUTIFUL there! So glad you got to get away and that your time was lovely!

  2. What a fun trip! I love the pictures!


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