Monday, September 2, 2013

A Buncha Nothing

I had a post almost finished and ready to publish last week. I was planning on sharing it then we all got sick. 

Runny noses.
Ear infections.
No fun.

Sometime, we as mothers tend to forget to plan for the unexpected. 
So a week has passed by and life has seemed a bit on the unadventurous side. We cuddled and found rest in the quite and comfort of each other. Things are finally picking up and taking a turn more towards the lively side. 

My Moma is in town.
She's actually here.
In my house!
I'm so excited! 

The Mr is having surgery this week, so she'll be staying with the littles while I tend to him. She's a life saver I tell ya! Since she's here, I whipped up some yummy curry for her. It was so good compared to the blah meals we've eaten for the past week. You know eating just isn't fun when you don't feel good.

Since there's not much going on, I thought I'd share some of the things that have caught my eye while look around.

Reading some of these blogs today...
Life Made Lovely --just opened the Joyful Shop. I bought these two necklaces and cannot wait for them to get here!

Scottyboy and Katygirl --she's sharing the coolest headboard ever!

Whatever - I love what she's sharing today. There's some good info there. 

Joyful Adorations - I always enjoy when she shares her family. She's such an inspiration.

Max & Kaylee - This Lady and I are so close to being in the same boat. Military families, 3 kiddos, 9-10 month olds that are full of spunk. Reading her posts make me laugh and feel less alone in my worries and frustrations as a moma, all in a good way. 

One Blessed Lady - She needs no words. Just go and read her. 

This Soup - I'm thinking it may be a good way to cut back on some groceries. Sounds yummy too.

 That's about it. I've gotta go pack my bag and snuggle with my youngon's. What are you doing today??

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  1. My parents are in town right now too!! And it's great! Glad you are feeling better! Enjoy having your moma in town :)


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