Monday, September 9, 2013

UNspeakable Joy

Everyone is tucked into bed for the evening.
I can hear the twins breathes of sweet dreams.
It's been a rough day for me.
I've called out to the Lord more times than I can remember.
His blessings are overflowing.

Tonight I am tired.
The Mr is still pretty rough from his surgery.
I am  left to pick up all the pieces to our brokenness as well as all the random toys.
However, blessings still overflow.

Through my tired eyes He showed me so much joy today.
Ellie tried taking a step and then looked to me with excitement.

Through the yelling and fussing, He the whispers of kindness.
Hope told her Daddy Happy Birthday over and over and over and over.
It was precious!

Through my feelings of guilt, He showed me so much love.
Yes punkin
"You can sit with me. I'll share my blanket."

Yes punkin
"I like you hair. Its real soft."

Yes punkin
"You're my favorite."

Through out the day, I realized over and over again how grateful I am for His blessings.I don't always see, hear, or feel them, but in the end He opens my heart and I sense it all and the joy is UNspeakable.

We made brownies for Daddy today, for his birthday. The big girls helped me... in cleaning up.

I love our family.
I have so much because of them.
They are my sunshine, always!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Monday, friend! Praying for you all, and hope that husband of yours recovers well! By the way, LOVE your eating nook...the chalkboard and curtains?! Adorable!


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