Friday, May 2, 2014

What's In My Bag

There's nothing like finding the perfect diaper bag to withhold all the wear and tear of tugging children and their stuff around town and country. Filled with diapers, wipes, cheerios, crayons, there's not much room left in the bag for my stuff. So on most occasions, I slip a little pouch holding grocery money (since that's out usual adventure) and off we go. I've learned to accept it.

So when the rare occasion rises that I get to wonder outside the walls of this house free of childlike jabber in my ear, I enjoy carrying my own tote filled with my own belongings. 

I'm not a flashy gal. I like to keep things simple and toned down. So when my husband bought me this purse last year, I was tickled he picked out one so suiting for me. I love it's insides as much as I it's outs. Secretly hot pink. 

Tucked inside are just the things I need to not feel as if I'm carrying the whole house. No paci's, no sippy cups, no old cheerios lining the bottom. Just "me" stuff. That's it. 

Last year, when Maggie was kicking off her Gussy Club, I signed up and received these little pouches in the mail. So happy to put them to use as #1 and #1.

Gussy #1-- Holds my hair ties, lotion, antibacterial and tissues.

Gussy #2-- Holds my grocery money. I've been using cash for groceries. When I go to the store, this is what I carry along with my coupons tucked inside. Thanks to this, my I've stayed under budget a lot more.

and for the rest...

3. My favorite gum.
4. EOS chapstick. LOVE!!!
5. Ice Breakers...mmm.
6. First pair of Oakleys
7. Cell
8 & 9. Pen and paper calendar (polka-dots of course). Even though I have my phone, I still like to write dates and to-dos down. It helps me to remember.
10. Wallet from Target. 

And that's it!!!

It's not much. I don't need a lot when I'm by myself, but what I do have I like to keep organized and together. What's in your bag?

***This post was written as part of a "What's in your purse?" campaign hosted by Credit Card Insider. I For more information , please contact Erin Ballard


  1. Adorbs!! I love the wallet from Tar-jay, it's so cheerful and cute! Actually, I love all of it. I desperately need to simplify my bag, but with five kids.... {sigh}


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