Monday, September 1, 2014

Preschool 2014

This week we started school home.

I'm excited and nervous all in one, but I think everything went ok. I've been gathering things to get ready for a while now. Pulling ideas for lessons and what not. Ideas for trips and fun themes to try out. Pinning tons of things to look at later. I bought a curriculum to help guide me along with the major points, but I'll be filling in the rest on my own. I've been trying really hard not to overthink it. It is preschool. A time for fun AND learning.

It's still very nerve racking. Being prepared. People make such a big deal of it these days. Having your children ready for kindergarten. Learning kindergarten appropriate material before they're even there. Overwhelming to say the least.

The girls are ready though. They've already decided that I'll be called "Teacher Moma" on some days and "Mrs. Moma" on the others. They're' very excited to say the least. They've helped me pick out some books to add to our collection. Some learning and some for fun. We'll borrow what we can from the library for the most part, but its always nice to have some new ones put on the home shelf. Especially when you get them for this cheap!!

The first couple of days definitely didn't go as I had planned. The picture in my head was completely different than reality. But that's ok. I know that it's a trial and error thing. Learning as we go along, what works and what doesn't. Somewhat like motherhood.

Learning the strengths of each girl, which I think may be the toughest part for me. I can no longer look at them as my "twins" that do everything together, same pace, in tune. They are now on their own and have to learn for themselves. They already don't like, well the one doesn't. You know because I gave her the hard name.

We did a lot of fun activities in between the important stuff. The wall in the room filled up quick. Each morning they waited patiently for their Daddy to wake up so they could show off their work.

Ellie has done well with the transition, surprisingly. She's one that really thrives off of attention, so this is out of the ordinary for her. But she found a groove and I think she'll be fine. For the most part.

This journey will be interesting, for all of us. We are all in learn mode right now, not just the littles. 

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  1. You are so amazing and patient!!! My sister has an 8, 6 and almost 2 yr old and she's done homeschool all along the way. Let me know if you ever want her info. I know that connecting with other people who do the same helped her a lot. Way to go mama!


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