Monday, October 13, 2014

Back In

We got back in this weekend from a pretty awesome trip. I've slowly recuperating from the 12+ hour drive and the mound of laundry that accumulated somewhere between here and there. My mind is slowly starting to think about this week and how we'll slip back into normal.  Meals, school, work schedule, gym time...oh how do I get back in that groove? I'll share more about our trip this week sometime. 

It's always so nice to get away. We've always joked about how the girls tend to somehow grow up with every trip we make. This time, it's the same. When do they sneak it by us? How do we not notice them growing up right before our eyes??? One day we're going to come back and all my babies are going to be all grown up. Trying not to dwell on that too much and instead looking at them as they are. So much love in one little triangle of sisters.

Sisters are the perfect best friend. 

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