Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pretty and Sickly

I can honestly say that we haven't been this sick in over a year. A horrible virus kicking off our weekend Friday night and running it's course all through Sunday afternoon. Everyone paid it forward except Miss Ellie. She's a tough one, because this was HORRIBLE!

I haven't seen the twins sit this still since before they could crawl. Seriously. So needless to say, we got plenty of bonding time in the past two days. Just in time to welcome a new week. *yay*

We did however find something pretty neat to end off such a miserable experience. Daddy found a little turtle in the yard and boy did it make the girls day. He left with a new appreciation for not living with three curious little girls and a new name... La La Polka. 

So here's a cold glass of ice water to a new week, healthy girls, exhausted parents, and the hope of being completely re-hydrated by, at least, Tuesday. 

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