Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Lake and my GIrls

We are in full summer mode over here.

Pools days, slushy trips, cold sandwiches for lunches, watermelon for breakfast, snack, and supper, swimsuits lined up on the porch to dry, sun-kissed cheeks, tan lines, popsicles, sprinkler jumping, the scent of sunscreen, and easy grilled suppers. Keeping cool and having fun. That's all that's on our agenda til fall arrives. 

Today was one of those fulfilling summer days. The kind that when it ends and you wake up in the morning, you have no doubt that you had an amazing kind of day.  The girls and I took off this morning and headed for the lake. We spent the entire afternoon floating, splashing around, building sand castles, and watching the duck and babies float by. I love days like today. Where everything just flows and I'm able to fully enjoy being with my girls. Just me and my girls. 

I know it's always the four of us, but there are times when I feel it's completely necessary to scratch through all of the plans made and simply wing it. They asked if we could go back tomorrow. I answered back with a promise of a weekly trip and they seemed to like that answer. 

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