Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fireworks Craft for the Girls

With the Fourth of July coming up this weekend, the girls and I pulled out some craft supplies and decided to do a festive little painting activity. They had a time with it too. So much creativity in those little blonde heads of theirs I'm not sure what to do with it all.

After watching the fireworks show at the festival this past weekend, they were wanting to make something similar to that. I got out some straws and figured we could use them to make the fireworks explosions.

I cut a few slits (if that's even a word) half way up the straw and let them at it. This is a very simple and easy craft to do. They even started mixing the colors which left some really pretty impressions on the paper. 

When their Daddy saw the end results, he knew exactly what they were....something that doesn't always happen. 

Savannah even used some yellow for the stars in the sky. 

This was such a fun little activity. It allowed them to get messy, create something in an 
out-of-the-box type method. Give it a try, your kids will love it!

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