Monday, July 27, 2015

Simple Things

We took the girls to the water park today. I love watching how excited they get when we mention something so fun. The big girls spent most of the time with their daddy in the wave pool. I stayed with miss priss since she's not  a big fan. 

We've been busy here lately. In the process of selling our house and will be moving just around the corner. All to do with the Air Force which you know are details that usually are left out. Frustrating, yes, but I have faith that details will fall into place when and how they're supposed to be. 
(that said, it took a few days to be able to say that with a straight face) 

So within all of the busy I've been trying to enjoy the simple things. Watching my girls play together and love on one another. Watching them bloom each day. It's amazing and I know if I don't watch closely it'll whisp by. So we eat pancakes for supper because it's a victory for their bellies and watch the summer sillies at the movie theatre with a bottomless tub of popcorn. Gluten free for the win!!

Hope you had an amazing Monday!

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