Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's What-Nots

The past two weeks, I've been particapating in Lindsay's What I Wore Wednesday but I've also been wanting to talk about some other things besides what I'm wearing (since it's really not that great anyways). So I figured why not...

So far this week has been pretty fair. The heat has been atrocious. Brutal. Dangerously hot. If we go outside at all it's early mornings and right before bath time. Even then it's still hot and the girls get tired really fast. Mike has a doctors appointment on Thursday so we're excited to see how he's progressing recovery wise. He seems to be doing really well. We're so grateful for the prayers that everyone has been sending up. He's come such a long way. So happy! So, thank you! Thank you!

Unfortunately, most of the week you could find me on the couch thanks to a an allergy attack. I've been trying to fight them off but so far they've gotten the best of me. I made attempts to get dressed; it didn't help me feel better, but it did give me something to write about. *smile*


You seen this shirt before here and here. I love it! It's truly my favorite because not only is it super cute, but it's super comfortable too! That's what dressing smart is all about yall. Comfort. *smile*
Shirt: Goodwill
Shorts: Base Exchange
Flops: Palmetto Moon
My hair is getting long. I really think this is the longest I've ever had it. Some days I wake up and want to cut it off because I don't know what to do with it. Today was not one of those days. Usually, you'll see me sporting a ponytail because:
 #1- It's hot outside!
#2- It's out of the way
#3- It's just quicker

Today, I thought of doing this side-twisty-bun-thing. I know you like my technical terms. So clever, huh? I just twisted it all and kept twisting until it twisted itself to a twisty bun. Wrapped it with some hairbands and secured it with a few bobby-pins. I liked it. Mike didn't even notice. Oh well.

Moving on to the clothes. Nothing fancy today...a little country bumpkin-ish if you ask me.
Shirt: Base Exchange
Shorts: Goodwill (originally from Gap)
Earrings: Claire's
(meant to be worn in my wedding...
they have butterflies on them. Something special.)
For a good 30 minutes, I wore my favorite flops like above.


Tonight (Tuesday) I went to a coupon class on base. Alas! An opportunity to acutally dress and accessorize.
Trying to get my husband to take me serisouly and take a picture beforehand was a challenge. The oufit? Not so much. He's always reminding me why I love him so much. *smile*

Dress: TJ Max
Maroon Tank: Target
Earrings: Grandmothers
Posy Pin: Handmade by Me
(Hope Abound Boutique)
Shoes: Wal-Mart

Since I brought up the whole hair thing earlier..these are some styles that I've thrown in my like category. I've been considering a cut, but right now my budget for hair is about, eh...notta.
Short hair = maintenance.

I love the layers though. So pretty!

I love medium choppy looks too. Just not sure if I could style them on my own.

You can see I used to sport a short "do" when I was in the Air Force. I loved it. That's always a turn-to style. Just not sure if I want to let my long hair go quite yet. Choices, choices.

Any suggestions, ideas, advice? I'm all for it. Oh...and to help you out with your help, I'm not real hair savvy. Just saying.

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  1. Aren't allergies the worst?! And I love the short hairstyles too, but I agree - too much maintenance! I'm growing mine out right now and trying to keep it close to my natural color. Hopefully that haircut bug doesn't hit me too soon! Cute outfits too :)

  2. Cute clothes, love those turquoise flip flops! I think short hair would be fun and cute. maybe shoulder length, I am definitely no expert though.

  3. Cute outfits, I love the dress, very pretty! I found you thru The Pleated Poppy, this is my first time linking up.

    I know what you mean about the hair. Mine used to be down to my bottom and I do have to style it a bit more now, but I like it. It gets me out of the ponytail more.

    Sorry about the allergies. I have bad allergies but now that I get shots for them they are so much better. I used to be so miserable!

  4. Love the dress (and the other outfits too!)!! I'm right there with you about the hair. Mine is longer than it's been in years and most days it ends up in a messy bun or ponytail. Not sure what I'm going to do with it. I had it shoulder length with lots of layers for awhile and loved it.


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