Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Iced Down COOL Activity

Today my girls are
19 months!

I'm in denial as 24 is continually creeping closer and closer. They're changing, maturing, and learning so much with each day that passes by. I'm loving this part of my life. Everyday brings something new and I figured why not pass that on to them.

Since my girls are so in love with ice cubes, I thought I'd change it up a bit and offer them some bright and cheerful colors to swirl and mix up with a fun ice cube activity.

They really do love playing with the cold ice and I really don't blame them with the summer heat as high as it is. They even go to the extent of running to the kitchen at the sound of the ice dispenser. There's never a time when an ice cube "doesn't" make it on to the floor. So, they're always there to pick it up.

The color adds to the excitement in my opinion. Seeing the smiles on their faces while they play is enough for me. I'm pretty sure there's some sort of learning aspect to it...but I can't think that far at this moment.

The activity itself, was pretty simple and my favorite part was that it was free. I had all the stuff on hand and it was ready in no time.
All I did was grab some important pieces to the puzzle:

Ice cube trays
Food coloring

I used an empty milk jug to shake up the colors with. Drippity drips of color and pour away. I only have three trays, which is really plenty. By the time the ice was melted and the color was  everywhere, the girls were ready for their next adventure.  Their attention span is still limited to 10-15 minutes.

Instead of pouring the extra down the drain, I poured the extra water into some empty jars and saved them for the next go-around.

Grab some bowls,
grab the kids,
we go!!!!!

They had such a great time. By the end of their adventure, their diapers were multi-colored and soaked through. Bella even got in on the action. I think we'll toss the ice cubes in their pool next time. Multiple bowls wasn't really working out for them.

What better way to keep cool and play at the same time?

Click here and scroll down if you missed the funny clip I shared the other day.
Talk about jibber jabber!!

What sort of summer activities have you been up to? I'd love to hear!!

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  1. Lily loves playing with ice cubes too! I'll have to try coloring them!

    Happy 19 months sweet girls!


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