Thursday, September 1, 2011

Butterfly Wings

The playroom is a cheerful place to be for the girls. It's a spark of creativity, imagination, and all things playtime. I hope they adore it as much as I do. The room doesn't have very many decorations and such to keep it more on the safe side, but I did make this to give it a little flicker of sunshine.

It turned out to be even cuter than I had imagined it in my head. Sometimes my ideas out-do my abilities...not this time though.

I got the idea when I was cleaning our master closet.

Lot's of wire hangers got me thinking. I dug through some scrap remnants and found my felt stack and that's when it all came together.

So here's the little tutorial for you:

I took a flimsy wire hanger. I cut a several pieces at different lengths and wrapped them with some floral tape. Sticky process.

Then I started making some lovelies to fly away.

Orange Flower-let
Cut a strip about 2" wide and fold it over. Cut into the felt leaving a nice edge like so. Next, you'll apply some hot glue and begin to roll the frayed strip. Roll until you have no more. Then you'll want to cut a circle to use as your bottom. Make a small slit half way through to be able to wrap around your hanger. Apply your flower-let on to the hanger with glue and attach the circle like below. Wrap it around pulling tightly as you go to keep it nice and snug.

Pink Rose
A 4" circle of felt will create this lovely. Cut a spiral pattern into the circle and roll away. Apply bits of glue as you go and wrap it around another hanger piece.

I cut these out freehand. No specifics here. Layering the colors was a last minute idea that turned out pretty cute. For the single colors, I glued a little piece of felt on the back to attach the hanger.

The hubs got home early and offered to help me. I used a random piece of fence left overs that I found in my wood stash. The hubs drilled some holes in it for me. Big enough for the hangers to fit snuggly into with out falling out. I sanded the block down as well to prevent any splinters. No paint though. I like the raw look.

I took the hangers with all of the flitter flutters attached and inserted them into the block. I was so pleased with the outcome. I liked the straight look, but LOVED the wibbly wobbly look better.

I can't wait to showcase it in the playroom.

What do you think??

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