Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking It All In

Hey Yall! It's so hard to beleive it's for real September. Where did summer go? We're already talking about things to do for the winter season. Crazy crazy talk! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and kept safe. There was some wild weather going on that's for sure. We got a little bit, but not a lot. Not much going on here today, just some little jibber jabber...that's all.

An update from a week of heartfelt realizations....

Last week I started a little project for myself. Something for me to do everyday that will not only put a smile on my face, but bring me a little closer to where I need to be. September 1st was day one of reading the book of Proverbs. I have a couple of friends on twitter that joined in and that has added to the excitement. I know that September only has 30 days and Proverbs has 31 chapters. I know. It just means one day will mean two chapters. Simple.

The girls and I have been playing and playing beyond belief. The days of "what now?" are long gone...hello "let's do something wild and crazy!!" A new level of silly has been reached and the minds are evolving into little thinking machines. I'm so in love with this stage, minus a few behavioral areas, I hope this last for a while. I'm able to sit back and watch them discover their abilities while still being "needed." I { heart }it for sure!

I shared all of my insights to my setbacks with my best friend, the hubs, with hopes that he would be able to lend his hand in getting me back on track. We sat down one night and talked about what "we" could do as a team to help me reach the things I wanted to reach. We agreed that family time in all sense of the word was our most important area right now. With two littles watching our every move, we realized we wanted to focus on them and raising them right. So some things we decided on that would help are...
-going outside.
-no media past 7:30 (unless it's together for family purposes)

Not much but it's been a big help. I like having him holding me accountable for my goals. So nice.

This past week, I made homemade play dough and the girls and I ate played for a good 10 minutes or so. I'm thinking they'll just learn that some things aren't meant to be eaten. Slowly but surely. I'll be sharing this adventure soon.

My house has been so tidy lately. I'm giving myself a pat on the back for once (hope that doesn't seem to proud like). I'm enjoying the look so much, I'm even starting to get rid of nonsense stuff. Goodwill is loving the Barrett family about now.  We're thinking simple is our new word and living with less is our new family motto.

On some different notes...

We didn't join the craze of people that ventured off to other areas of the country to enjoy their labor day weekend. Yeah, we simply stayed home in the Charleston area and took advantage of our localities. A trip to the South Carolina Aquarium, an amazing old school style park, and of course our back yard. We welcomed today fully relaxed and rested ready to tackle the Air Force and the YMCA. Back to the old wind and grind.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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