Friday, March 22, 2013

Craft Storage

Since we typically craft and make something everyday (or try to at least) , it only makes sense for our supplies to be reachable.  Our house is very limited on storage space so I used to keep all of our art supplies in the linen closet. It worked for a little while, but the bigger the girls get, the bigger our supply collection becomes. Plus, when the girls got their big beds, their sheets took some of that prime craft storage space away from our supplies. 

So I had to move some of the supplies elsewhere. That's when the basket came along. A large basket filled with recycled soup and tomato cans, mason jars, and a bucket. Perfect for holding most artsy essentials. This worked great and made it easy to pick up supplies and go craft anywhere in the house. However, the girls started picking bits and pieces out while I wasn't looking. Who was I kidding?! They're still toddlers full of mischief. Prior to this craft supply redo, the basket looked more like this thanks to them...

I had to rack my brain on what to use to keep their fingers out of the supplies. That's when I thought of this Snapware Container. I bought mine at Wal-Mart but you can also purchase them on Amazon in several sizes. Mine came with a bonus container which was perfect to hold our glitter bottles. 

I really like how all of our supplies are together and I even used some simple dollar store bins to group the likes together. On the bottom tray we keep the watercolors and brushes, color pencils and the wondrous markers. 

On the top tray we keep the dot markers, glitter, glue, and some extra paint. 

Now all of our most used supplies are within reach arms to Moma and safe from sticky fingers. 

This craft box fits perfect on the shelf in our dining room. It is very easy to pull out and use when craft time arrives. I ended up moving this cubicle shelf that used to be in the playroom /now Ellie's room into the dining room. It definitely isn't the prettiest of solutions, but like I said, we're limited on storage space in our house. The hubby and I agreed that if we use something everyday, then it only makes sense to have it accessible. Having it neatly organized makes it easy on the eyes too.  

The small baskets up top hold things the girls can grab at any time. The girls are really good with keeping track of the crayons, so I allowed them to have a crayon basket so they can grab and go whenever they feel. 

The other basket holds the main activity for the day. Today it's filled with our flash cards. Tomorrow it may be a certain puzzle or two. The next maybe some shape activities and such. It's our go-to basket. The books are obvious. I like to keep them out in the main area. We're out there more  so it only makes sense. The bottom baskets are fairly new. The have one or two coloring books stored so far. 

So that's that. My nifty solution to limited craft storage. Having most everything within arms reach of our craft space makes doing activities much more fun and easy. 

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have art supplies so easily available for your girls. . .that is SO AWESOME. . .and I'm thoroughly impressed by your organization skills, cause that's one thing that I lack! lol


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