Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moving Along

I was running at the gym yesterday morning and all of a sudden my treadmill died.
Lost power. 
Shut down.
Suddenly stopped. 

Yeah, crazy!!! I know!
I thought at first I  hit the emergency stop button but nope! Its was dead! Come to find out, the trainer working the floor had hit the plug while she was sweeping. I was almost done too! Don't you hate it when stuff like that happens. What would you do? I took it as a sign and went to lift weights. I was done anyways. *smirk*

I spent some time on Sunday writing out ideas for this week's meals. Nothing new but healthier meals. Here's what we're having:

B-Raspberry Muffins (using Myra's recipe but subbing the berries)
L-Leftover grilled chicken and raw veggies
S-Herb Pork Loin, sauteed squash and broccoli
Snacks-celery and peanut butter, yogurt and granola

B-Oat cakes
L-Pork Sandwiches
S-Grilled Fish, wild rice, salad
Snacks-Sweet Potato muffins, cheese and crackers

B-scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, toast
L-banana sandwiches
S-Mongolian beef over brown rice, steamed veggies
Snacks-rice cakes with berries, sliced oranges

B-Oat Cakes
L-shredded beef, apple, cheese stick
S-spaghetti, salad, homemade bread sticks
Snacks-peanut butter balls, yogurt

B-Raspberry muffins
L-Leftover spaghetti
S-Two Mustard Chicken, broccoli, buttered noodles
Snacks-Bananas and peanut butter, smoothies

I haven't been planning the weekends because the Mr likes to pitch in on those days and sometimes, especially lately, try something new and healthier. I'm loving it!!

Our weekend was pretty laid back. It's been terribly hot here and it has been putting a downer on our motivation to get outside. So afternoons look a  lot like this...

Anything involving water and limited amounts of clothing. We even squeezed in some early afternoon baths to keep cool. All of which brought on mixed emotions between the girls.

 Can you tell who was enjoying themselves the most?

Looking forward to some cooler weather. Bring on those 80's!!!

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  1. Your meals sound yummy!

    Maybe some of our cooler weather the last two days will make it's way y'alls direction!


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