Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Tour: Playroom/Guest Room

When we were house hunting, we were lucky to find a house that had 3 bedrooms and was in our price range. Lucky...yes... but truly it was more like blessed. I was thrilled to know that I would finally have a "guest" room for people to sleep when they visited. However, my feelings towards this room are drastically changing.

Of course, the only "real" furniture we have in the room is the bed. All the other stuff is considered mis-fit. But it's a room. Take a peek.

The bedding was purchased from Anna's Linens...I think for 49.99...all of it. I still love it and sometimes wish it would magically grow to fit my master would be a nice offset to our BLUE-Turquoise walls.

The picture that is hanging above the bed is one I designed when I worked at the Marketing office at Barksdale AFB. My butterfly sitting on my favorite flower, a gerber daisy, with the word "Hope" at the bottom. I designed this after my miscarriage. I love it.

These are all of Mike's Turtles that he had when he was little. We can't part with them quite yet. They might even be permanent members of our famiy.

I know the girls have their own room. It's a nice size, but there's no extra room to store their nice collection of toys. So they are currently living guessed it...the living room. Ha!

So, I we have come to a decision that it would be so nice to turn the guest room into the PLAYROOM!!!!

A home for all of the girls doo-das and nick-naks. I'm looking ahead to when they're about 3-4 years old. It'll be nice to be able to close the door on all of their messes. So so nice. 

That of course is my newest project. Some shelving has been purchased and built. They have since then, been placed in the room already. Baskets have been bought and awaiting their friendly guests. Jars have been selected to house the enormous collection of crayons and such. The theme has been chosen and wall decor has been started. This is going to be a fun room...I think I'm more excited than they are.

Have a blessed Wednesday...
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