Friday, June 28, 2013

6/28 What I Ate Friday

Hey there!! 

I know full fold that inspiration to eat healthier can be tough to find sometimes. I thought it would be fun to show you what I ate for the day from breakfast to supper including all my snacks and drinks.

We go to the gym first thing in the morning on most days so that we have the rest of the day to play and run errands if need be. Today, we wanted to go see the Mr for lunch so we had to get a move on.
So here ya go:

2 eggs with lots of Sriracha,  a whole wheat tortilla shell, and a cup of citrus salad. I already drank my cup of coffee. I'm working towards drinking it black. Lets just say I've got a ways to go. But for now I like to use stevia to sweeten and almond milk for creamer. Its good!

Mid-Morning Snack:
After the gym, I like to eat a good post workout snack. Today it was some celery and peanut butter. I wasn't in the mood for anything heavy and needed to clear out some kitchen clutter before heading to the base to see the Mr. Someone else decided to dine in on it with me. Her taste buds are finally coming around. *and the crowd goes wild!*

We went to the base to meet the Mr for lunch. Stopped by Chic-Fil-A and grabbed some goods. The Mr had a Spicy chicken sandwich and the girls some grilled chicken nuggets. I chose their Grilled Chicken Wrap with the Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette. So yummy! I brought my water bottle with me so I wouldn't order a glass of their addicting sweet tea. Oh it's so bad! *wink*

Afternoon Snack:
I always hate leaving such a good time. The girls love seeing their Daddy like this, but we both had work to get done. So, we headed home. While, the girls took naps I picked up the house. My afternoon snack was one of my fa-vor-rites! I love summer because that means watermelon galore. Although it can be very high in sugar, it can be very good in moderation. Today I drizzled some homemade yogurt over the melon and sprinkled some wheat germ on top for some extra vitamins and folic acid. (good since I'm still nursing).


We ate an easy chicken meal tonight. I had planned on making Grilled teriyaki Chicken with grilled brussels sprouts. However, the dear Lord had other plans. Thanks to a torrential downpour and some nickle size hail I had to rethink the meal. No grilling in the rain for the Mr. tonight. Instead we had baked chicken with a simple mustard sauce, I had a homemade brown rice pilaf on the side while the Mr and the girls enjoyed an Italian Pasta Salad. We also tried out some brussels sprouts which I'll be honest are still not my favorite. 

After the girls were in bed, the Mr and I sat down and chatted for a while. We enjoyed a nice glass of wine for the evening. I hopped on here to jot down my eats for you and he's currently gun shopping. Gotta love it!

My Fitness for the Day:
I did 60 minutes of Bosu and 20 minutes of weights. 

My favorite part of the day:
Playing at the park with the girls and the Mr. 

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