Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Mr. Snowman

Yesterday, my craft room floor looked like this. The box? It's our tree box. Just so you know, it sits at a perfect height for me to sit on the floor and paint.

When my mind became flooded with ideas for decorations yesterday, my craft room took the blow of it all. I will not be showing you the trail of the tornado that made it's way through. Trust me when I say...


Anyhoo...when Mike and I built our garden box a bit ago, I had him go ahead and cut some 2x4's into chunky pieces knowing that I would use them for decorations inside...and I did too!
I lucked up though with this project though. Since I didn't have any exact measurements for Mike to cut by, he just starting sawing random sizes for me. I thought it would be better that way. Who likes precision? *snicker*

When I decided that I was going to try and make a snowman, I almost gave up because I couldn't find the right pieces to make the pyramid look. But, I looked past the ugly and moved on.  

Paint can fix anything...isn't that the golden rule with women anyway? Makeup, that's what I'm talking about ladies. Ok,'s too early for my silly remarks.

Moving on.

Here are the items I used:

3 sections of big to small 2x4's
80 grit sand paper
hot glue gun
white paint (leftover from bathroom project)
green polka dot ribbon tree twig
orange ribbon for nose
black paint

I started off by sanding all the blocks down. Making sure that there were no wood snags that could leave splinters in little babylicious hands that I love to eat up kiss.  *smile* I wiped the dust off them and let them dry in the sun, or what was out. Brr!

Then I gave the blocks 2 good coats of paint. If you wait the appropriate amount of time, you might not end up with fingerprint smudges on your blocks like I did. But hey, like I said before, who likes precision? *sigh*

Next, I simply applied hot glue to the blocks and stacked them up to create the snowman body. I also applied a thin line of glue around the neck and pressed the green polka dot ribbon onto the glue to make it secure. I used a simple knot to tie it with ...nothing fancy.
For the nose, I took about an inch of orange grosgrain ribbon and folded the end over to the center. A bit of glue and there you have it. An orange snowman nose.

And yesterday..."the weather outside is frightful..." that's exactly what I was singing while I was walking out to our tree in the yard to grab some snowman arms from our Snowman tree.
 Oh yeah! You didn't know they grow in South Carolina? They're rare, but we are lucky to have one in our yard. Just kiddin'!

In the end, I was welcomed by cute little Mr. Snowman. He is just the cutest I think. Of course, you can add stuff to yours. Little sayings or even a cute black top hat.

In the midst of all my craft anxiety, I was creating my menu for the week. Talk about multitasking...

Take a gander:

Tuesday: Pork Roast and dill potatoes
Wednesday: Tacos and salad
Thursday: Saucy Pepper Steak and Rice
Friday: Veggie and Ham Soup
Sunday: Cajun Shrimp Alfredo (Oh yeah!).

I hope you have a beautiful Monday. Keep warm and toasty. Don't let Monday get to you....let it be the beginning of a fresh outlook of hope and faith.

Happy Monday!

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