Friday, September 30, 2011

The Dog Days of Summer

I sit back today and watch a scene that has become oh so familiar in this neck of the woods. My two Little's scooting along doing their summer dance like pro's. Their arms fling and wail back and forth. Soaking themselves with the coolness of the water. Feeling the late morning heat on my skin, I know that the clear water drops feel refreshing to theirs.

While silly jibber jabber rolls of their tongues and buckets become hats once again,  I become so very grateful for a such a memorable summer.

Independence is a frequent visitor these days. In and out all by themselves. Long gone are the days of fearful fish. Experience has made its' way through their veins and they've developed an addiction that I see no end to. They now rise to any challenge with silly grins to bear it all with.

This summer has definitely been a season of change here. Three to four months of unremarkable FUN brought with it so much growth and new found confidence. Life lessons that come with age are being performed right before my eyes and it's astonishing I tell you. Down right tearful. My heart has expanded beyond it's original wall structure to make way for future momentous occasions this next glorious season has to offer.

The sponge bombs and toys will give way to the over zealous jackets and sweaters. Making room for a new collection of cold noses and warm snuggles. I look forward to the welcome of the cool mornings with a side of mixed emotion. Such an amazing summer that allowed our family to grow and create such wonderful memories is soon to be catching it's ride out of here.

So we say good bye to you sweet summer. Til' next year...

Sweet Luvins!

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  1. Oh they are just precious! It's crazy how much they have grown over the summer!


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